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Best Breakfast and Brunch in Plantation, Broward

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Enjoy the best food from the world, served on our savory and sweet Crepes and Waffles.

Saffrano Crepes

1831 North Pine Island Road, Plantation

4.8 245 reviews

  • Avatar Vanessa Renslow ★★★★★ a month ago
    Very cute place! Reminds me is Ella cafe. We tried the the cinnamon roll waffle, forget the name, and the avocado toast with egg, super good. We also tried the strawberry, … read more banana, Nutella crepes, super good. I loved the vibe and the workers were so sweet. We also tried two of their cold coffees, they were a bit expensive but delicious. The place is a bit small and can get crowded, possibly hard to find a seat during peak hours. Anyways, great place and def recommend!
  • Avatar Jasmine Riggs ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    This place is delicious! We went here for dinner and dessert. The dinner crepes is plenty of food so we ordered dessert to share. Everything came out so good! And … read more the service was great! In the picture is the tiramisu crepe cake.
  • Avatar Ashlyn Taylor ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Amazing family-owned restaurant. The food is beyond delicious and the presentation is even more impressive. The entire staff was incredibly friendly and the restaurant … read more environment was peaceful and creative. Got to chat with one of the owners and hear a little bit about the start of the business. Overall, such an amazing experience. 10/10 recommend.
  • Avatar Carl R ★★★★★ a week ago
    This place is a GEM! It is rare these days to find a restaurant that uses real, quality ingredients. Everything my wife and I had was delicious and the flavors were … read more delicate and well-balanced. The atmosphere was peaceful and the staff was friendly. I will gladly pay for food that is as high quality as what Saffrano offers.
  • Avatar Joha A ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Family owned and operated which makes a huge difference. The chef (wife) is incredibly creative. The presentation of the dishes is amazing. Not only the looks of … read more the dishes are great, but the taste is delicious. The place is neat and clean. Atmosphere makes you feel you are in Paris. The husband is very amiable, nice, and helpful. He provided a good description of the crepes, his recommendations were exactly what we wanted. I am definitely coming back. This is a hidden treasure!!!

Let yourself be touched by the sweetness, warmth, and delicacy of SAFFRANO,
the most exciting and tasty creperie in Plantation, Florida.

An air of freshly made crepes and waffles will melt your heart. Let the fragrant puffs that flood the restaurant delight you: the crepe batter, the chocolate, the cheese, and the hope of an eternal bite. A great option when you think “¿what is the best breakfast near to me?.

Enjoy an exquisite breakfast while listening to background music that rhymes with the textures and flavors of each dish.

Our crepes and waffles are bathed in unique sauces made with the most meticulous mix of ingredients to delight your palate, accompanied by delicious house coffee that highlights and renews each bites you take.
At brunch, you will find the perfect menu to brighten your morning and fill your day with energy. The variety of smoothies and ice creams will leave you speechless. You will surely want to take a piece of your experience to your home or workplace, and Saffrano prepares your order in transparent containers, which allows you to see from afar the party of colors and flavors.

¿What is the best breakfast near to me?

The following are the special dishes for breakfast and brunch:

breakfast near me


NEW YORK Waffle: It has been created to connect with the gastronomic experience of the cosmopolitan city. It includes a Benedictine poached egg, turkey bacon, and chives served on a waffle base.

MONACO Waffle Omelette: It will transport you to the smallest principality in Europe and includes the generational tradition of a delicious omelet served with mushrooms, chives, turkey ham, cheese, and honey mustard.

GARDEN CITY Crepe: This delicate crepe is filled with grilled mushrooms and zucchini, topped with roasted cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce. These flavors make you feel as if you were in a beautiful and peaceful garden and is a perfect option for vegetarians or veggie lovers.

breakfast near me


STOCKHOLM Waffle: This delicious cinnamon roll waffle will transport you to an arm of the Baltic Sea to a city built on numerous islands.

JACKSON Crepe: This is a dish with a combination of flavors that stand out. The texture of the crepe batter, the flavor of the turkey, and the melted cheese highlight the beauty of simplicity.

L.A. Waffle Toast: The ‘City of Angels’, surrounded by mountains, forests, and beaches is what inspires this dish, with two slices of brioche bread toasted on our waffle maker. The first comes with avocado and smoked salmon, and the second with a fried egg, fresh cheese, cherry tomatoes, and pesto.

breakfast near me


BOGOTA Crepe: With flavors that emanate between the eastern mountain range and the mountains of the northern Andes, this delicious crepe is characterized by its mix of flavors including scrambled eggs with onions, tomato, and melted cheese.

VERSAILLES Waffle: The famous royal palace of Versailles in France brings with its history the delicious flavor of French toast. Accompanied by delicious coffee, this can be the best option to start your day.

breakfast near me

DC Waffle: Everything goes fast in the capital district, although this delicious waffle of almond butter, banana, honey, roasted almonds, and blueberries will hardly go unnoticed. A short break in your day to delight yourself with these flavors will undoubtedly bring joy and energy to your day.

breakfast near me

RIO Crepe: With the smell of the South Atlantic coast, Rio is famous for its breathtaking landscape. This crepe recreates the freshness and joy of this city with scrambled eggs mixed with sweet corn, melted cheese, and acai sauce.


Breakfast Near Me



benedictine poached egg, turkey bacon and chives. – $ 9.



Waffle Omelette

mushrooms + chives + turkey ham + cheese + honey mustard – $ 9




cherry tomatoes + mushrooms + zucchini + pesto sauce – $ 8




Cinnamon roll waffle. – $ 8





scrambled eggs with onions+tomato and melted cheese. – $ 9




turkey ham + cheese – $ 8




almond butter, banana, honey, roasted almonds, and blueberries. – $ 8




scrambled eggs with sweet corn, melted cheese, and açaí sauce. – $ 9



Waffle Toast

1. avocado + smoked salmon
2. egg + cheese + cherry tomatoes + pesto – $ 9




french toast – $ 9



Ice Tea. – $ 3

Natural Lemonade. – $ 3

Natural Orange Juice. – $ 4

Bottled Water. – $ 2

Sparkling Water. – $ 4

Sodas. – $ 3

Hot Tea. – $ 3

Hot Chocolate. – $ 4


Espresso. – $ 4

Cappuccino. – $ 5

Mochaccino. – $ 5

Mocha. – $ 6

Panna. – $ 4

Regular Coffee. – $ 3

Iced Coffee. – $ 6

Saffrano Coffe Shake. – $ 7

Affogato.- $ 5

Iced Caramel Latte. – $ 5

Franchise - Saffrano